Gear Oils

Anoux Gear Oils are specially manufactured to adopt to the most stringent requirements of manufacturers demanding high extreme gear pressures and anti wear levels, high temperatures and cleanness of transmission. Selected additives ensure excellent antifoam, anticorrosive, antirust properties, besides excellent resistance to oxidation. These oils are manufactured to a wide range of API levels and SAE standards.


 Suitable for mechanical transmission systems working in severe conditions. Suitable lubricating mechanical gear boxes and reduction drives in lorries, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery in severe operating conditions. Specially developed for lubricating one or two-stage rear axles working at high temperatures and for which the user requires one extended oil change interval.

1 L , 4 L , 25 L , 208 L


 Multi functional use in many axles and gearboxes of a wide range. Increase extreme pressure and anti wear properties for an optimized lubrication hypoid and non- hypoid axles. Very good thermal performance guarantees the product stable under heavy loads and at high temperatures. Carefully designed frictional properties with base components selected to reduce vehicle fuel consumption.


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