Motor ( Benzene) Engine Oils

Anoux Motor engine oil is highly shear-stable, multi grade gasoline engine oil formulated from selected base fluids for use in passenger car and light truck engines requiring API-SM, SL, SJ, or SH performance lubricants under all operating conditions. Ensures easy cold start and fuel economics due to its fluidity at low temperatures and maintains a very resistant oil film at high temperatures.


 Particularly recommended for all gasoline engines, cars and light vans. Permits use at all temperatures and all types of services in town and on high motorways.

1 L , 4 L , 25 L , 208 L


 High level of detergency – dispersancy minimizes sledge formation leading to cleaner engines. Good thermal stability and oxidation resistance preventing any premature damage at high temperatures. Reduction in internal friction leading to improved fuel economy. Shear stability ensuring satisfactory lubrication in service, both hot and cold.


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